"Drain Squad did a great job at my house. The problem started in the mid night when my toilet started bubbling and started flooding I called many plumbing companies only Drain Squad answered the phone. I knew something this might need the day time to get fixed but they came within 60 min and snaked the main drain. They were very professional and reasonably priced. I would like to recommend them to everyone. They helped us in the mid night, they rock!"

Brad Thomas, Fremont, California

" I have many rental properties so I always take estimates before I get any minor or major job done. At one of my property in Oakland I called 3 companies to give me estimate to replace the sewer line. I knew that that is problem somewhere in front yard as I had a very big tree in the yard one company never showed up the second reputable company I don't want to take their name , I called because they were recommended by one of my neighbor they gave me a quote to replace the sewer line all the way in the street I don't know why they wanted to replace in the street as they never showed me the problem and the last company was Drain Squad. They first did a free video camers survey and told me that why replace all the way in street if there is no problem there I liked that part as the problem was just at the city curb so they did a spot repair at the curb and installed a Clean Out. The Quote was way 80 % less than what the neighbor referred reputable company gave me. I will highly recommend these folks. They show the exact problem and charge only for the problem".

Keith Shaman , Oakland, California
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" Drain Squad was the best service I've had from a plumber in the past. I was very frustrated when my plumbing went on the fritz. After 45 Min of my call they send out a professional technician, he first did a free home inspection so I knew what exactly the problem was and need to be done with in time manner. In short the technician was very curious and knowledgeable the only problem was to put clumps on the loose pipes that were making noises which other plumbing companies asked to replace and gave an estimate of thousands $$$ by Drain Squad hero fixed in 1 hour. Thanks Drain Squad I will always call them.

Brittney Cox, San Jose California
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